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Carpet Fiber Options: Nylon

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Nylon exploded onto the scene as a synthetic fiber when silk became scarce during WWII. Needing parachutes and other military fabrics, textile chemists and engineers at DuPont created a replacement fiber, which has today become the fiber of choice for a significant portion of carpet sold throughout the world! Because of its strength and durability, manufacturers in both the commercial and residential markets create beautiful carpet from nylon fibers.

Since its debut about 60 years ago as a carpet fiber, little has changed in nylon’s basic chemical makeup. What have changed are the dyeing, construction and finishing technologies. As a result, today’s nylon carpet products perform exceptionally well, whether in loop or cut-pile (plush) constructions.

Colorfastness is one of the strengths of nylon fiber. Solution-dyed nylon (where color is introduced while the fiber is still in its liquid state prior to extrusion) is nearly impervious to fading from direct sun or even bleach! Because of the latest stain protection technologies, nylon dyed after extrusion is also extremely colorfast, though it must still be protected from direct sunlight or bleach exposure.

When nylon carpets are constructed, installed and maintained well, they retain their original shape and appearance – providing years of useful life. They resist staining and soiling, and respond well to most commercial cleaning methods. The truth is that because of its chemical structure, nylon will never actually wear out; it simply “uglies out” at the end of its useful life.