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The Well Organized Garage

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12200930_SWhat do you see when you open your garage?  Is it cluttered and overstocked with tools and out door equipment? Our garages tend to become storage units for extra stuff, sporting goods, outdoor stuff and the mystery items in unmarked bins. If you can’t even imagine having a garage with a clean floor and empty walls, it might be time to clear out the garage. Garages, like attics and basements tend to be gathering places for all the extra stuff we accumulate over the years.

Organization in the garage is key.  Just like in kitchens, having the right kind of storage and plenty of it can help keep you organized and clutter free.  Depending on the size of your garage you may opt for wall or shelf storage, or a combination of both. There are also storage systems that utilize the height and ceiling of a garage to store bulky items that are rarely used out of the way. Bike racks and proper storage for tools and outdoor equipment like rakes and leaf blowers can also keep the floor clutter free.

Garage floors are yet another area where you can add a personal touch. There are paints dedicated for garage floors that can turn plain concrete into a showroom floor. Even just a clean and sealed concrete floor can vastly improve the look of your garage.

If you really want a polished looking garage, paint the walls rather than leave them builder’s dry wall. Nothing fancy but a clean coat of paint can go a long way to making your garage look and function great.

Organizing Your Home in the New Year

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The holidays are over and now it’s back to the daily grind. After the chaos of houseguests, parties and shopping have you overlooked dealing with basic housekeeping and clutter that has accumulated over the past month? Remember everything you shoved into a laundry basket and hid from view? You promised yourself you would deal with that in the New Year. Now is the time, my friend! Let’s get organized.

Don’t try to organize the entire house in one day. Instead focus on the rooms that need it the most. For right now let’s talk about your garage, home office and your closets.


If you haven’t worn something in a year get rid of it. Have a box or bag ready for charity as you go through your clothes, or host a clothes swamp party with girlfriends. Your cast off may be another’s treasure.

Group clothes together by color – now you won’t have to spend hours looking for that one white blouse. Consider grouping clothes together by season as well. Store seasonal items in garment bags and boxes that can be keep under the bed or in the guest bedroom closet if you are short on space.

Home Office

Only keep items on your desk that you use everyday. Put everything else in a storage closet or filing cabinet. Sort through mail daily and immediately toss or recycle junk mail. Deal with bills and other correspondence right away. Don’t make a pile to deal with later, these tasks just add up. Shred anything that you don’t need and file everything else. Remember we want to avoid all kinds of piles – file piles, bill piles, documents to shred pile. You get the drift.


Invest in wall panels with hooks and baskets. Your goal here is to keep the floor of the garage as uncluttered as possible. Hang garden tools, bicycles, ladders and sports equipment. Buckets are another good organizational tools for the garage. Have one bucket for paintbrushes and rollers, one for rags, and sponges and car care products.

By taking time to focus on these three areas you can quickly and easily keep your home as organized as possible. After all it is much less stressful to arrive to an organized home than one that is chaotic and cluttered.