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How to Have a Successful Open House

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Preparing your home for the market can feel like a daunting task. You can no longer set your home’s priorities to be tailored to your needs, but instead, you need to customize it for the housing market. Open houses are the perfect opportunity to allow more potential homebuyers to look at your real estate. Plus, they are essential for recognizing that first impressions go a long way. Most individuals will look at several properties in a short amount of time. Having your property seem like the most ideal candidate can take a little time and effort but will help you sell your home more quickly. If you are looking to have an open house, here is everything you need to consider:

Livable Dynamic 

The first thing home buyers are subconsciously considering the whole time is if they can picture themselves living in your home. You need to create an atmosphere that is livable and appeals to the masses, not tailored to your family. Having rooms set up as functional as possible is ideal. You may have a large bed in a small room which can make the space feel overcrowded. Perhaps, you do not have adequate seating in your living room, or maybe your master bedroom is lime green. Making these changes to accommodate everyone’s neutral preferences will help you move your home off the market quickly and effectively. A great rule of thumb is less is more! 


If nobody knows about the hottest new product, it will never sell. Word of mouth is only so effective. Consider investing in a newspaper article as well as getting signs. Continue to advertise your open house prior to the set date. Simple signs may have your neighbors spread the word to their friends. You can also put up digital ads using social media and craigslist. 

Pets, Valuables, and Personal Items 

For the day of your open house, make sure to remove your pets. While you may love your fur babies, a potential buyer may not. You also do not know who will be visiting your home. Lock up any valuables like money, jewelry, and other personal belongings because it may be best to take with you. You should also consider removing any personal pictures of your family and loved ones from the home. This helps the buyer envision themselves in your space.

Remember, open houses can quickly enhance the probability of selling your home. Spend a little in creating the perfect open house. With some simple preparation, your home will thrive on the market.