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Bring a Friend Shopping, Stretch Your Perspective!

Written by creatingyourspace on . Posted in Hints and Advice

Are you ready to head for the flooring store but feel uncomfortable tackling it yourself? Maybe bringing a friend along will make the process more comfortable for you. But before you decide to take this step, consider who you want to take and what role you want them to play.

Choose someone whose taste you like. Your buddy from high school with the scary taste may be a blast at a party, but you don’t want her pushing for retro shag when you’re hoping for the classic wood option. Think about the homes of your friends. Who has taste that most closely matches yours? That’s a likely candidate.

Choose someone who will work with you. Let your friend know what you need. Do you want help actually choosing your flooring, or just someone to provide support? Would it be helpful if your friend keeps your list of requirements? Do you get distracted and need a friend to keep you on task? Figure out what you want, and let your friend know before you go shopping. Once at the store, let your salesperson know that you are the decision maker and what role your friend will play. That makes it easier for the salesperson to help you meet your goals.

Finally, if you realize that your friend is actually a hindrance to the process; don’t be afraid to reschedule your flooring decision for some time when you can come by yourself.

Another pair of eyes can be a helpful tool when you’re making flooring decisions. If you plan carefully, bringing a friend can make the process easier and more fun. Why not try out the buddy system and see how it works for you?