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3 Ideas To Make Your Room Feel Bigger

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Small rooms can be tough, especially when dividing bedrooms between children. Thankfully there are quite a few ways to work with a smaller sized room to help make it feel perfect. First you need to see the shape of your room, and then get started. There is one critical point to remember – no furniture over-loading in a small room.

Space management:

In a room, some things like a cupboard, computer or writing table and bed are a must. These things need to be arranged so that they take up as little space as possible. Beds with built in storage above and below can go a long way to using all the available space. 


Clutter is absolutely the enemy of the small room. Leaving some open space is just as important as productively using the spaces that are required.  Small changes such as shelves on the wall rather than drawers on the floor will maintain open floor space while still providing ample storage. Small decorations and light things, like cushions can make the room look bigger.

Mirrors, windows and 3d paintings:

If your room has a window, then the sun light can certainly help brighten the room and add more visual depth. You can place a wall size mirror on one of the wall and it will make your room look double its size.  Larger paintings of open areas like landscapes can also add depth and volume to a room. It can be the wall behind your bed or the one opposing it. 

Simply choosing the right combination of furniture, colors and accessories can have a significant impact on the atmosphere and size of a smaller room.  Avoid clutter and too much furniture and you’ll be well on your way to getting the maximum use possible from your small room.


The Qualities of a Perfect Guest Room

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Do you have a spare room designated as the guest room; and yet you are unsure where to start decorating the space for a guest? 

Guests spaces don’t need to be confined to a spare bedroom.  Many spots in your home can be converted to make a comfortable, welcoming area for your friends and family to unwind.

First, ask yourself “What makes me feel comfortable and welcome when I am a guest?” A great place to start is to decide where your guest can sleep.  A comfortable bed is a great piece to have, however not everyone can provide the space for an extra bed. Consider a comfortable sofa sleeper, futon or air mattress. Don’t use second-hand sleeping material here – if you don’t want to sleep in it, chances are your guests won’t either!

A second item to set aside for your visitors is storage. To avoid awkward placement of travel gear, storage for at least one suitcase is ideal. 

Providing space for dressing is a nice amenity in a guest room or area. An accent or lounge chair is great for stashing a sweater while not in use or to give a sense of personal space.

Thoughtful touches such as a water glass with small pitcher, alarm clock, tissues and an extra blanket will ensure your guests that they are welcome and cherished.  Lighting makes for a comfortable space and is great when  getting dressed to winding down for sleep.

Most importantly, ensure adequate privacy for your guests. Window coverings, doors or even reassuring guests that the space is theirs after a certain time are a must in any type space.

Following these general guidelines will guarantee visitors will want to return to your company time after time.  


Small Space Living

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You can live big in a small space if you make smart design choices. This condo provides a great example of steps you can take to make your living area functional and interesting. Let’s take a look at why this works so well.

Step 1: flooring. Small spaces seem bigger when you use only one type of flooring. This light porcelain tile works perfectly. Setting it on the diagonal moves your eyes through the space, increasing the perceived size. Rugs such as the one in front of the fireplace allow you to define specific functional areas in this great room without closing off any space.

Step 2: furniture choice. By choosing one wood tone and style, all the furniture connects even though functionality varies. This room manages to have a kitchen, dinette, bar area at the island, dining room and living room while still feeling roomy. Other furniture choices such as using a love seat rather than a full sofa in the living area and selecting a circular table in the dining area keep the space clear with a natural traffic flow. If you constantly have to move to avoid furniture a space quickly feels too small. There is plenty of space to maneuver here.

Step 3: light. By selecting a light tile for the floor and coupling it with white walls and sheers on the windows, the space feels open and inviting. The dark furniture anchors the room and keeps it interesting. With all the light tones, the room itself almost disappears and the focus is on each living area.

Picture each area enclosed in walls and you will understand how much living has been tucked into this room. Are you letting a small space feel smaller by your flooring and design choices? Maybe it’s time to open things up!