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Four Unique Ways to Make Your Staircase Standout

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Many homeowners are not aware of the design opportunity that a staircase provides, and many times, people tend to overlook this architectural element when decorating their homes. From using your favorite color to playing with LED lights, there are numerous ways you can style and add personality to your staircases. If you are interested in learning more, here four unique ways you can make your staircase standout:

A Beautiful Stair Runner

One easy way you can add style to your staircase is to use a stair runner. Go bold by selecting a runner with a vibrant hue or pattern. From animal prints to more textured runners, there is a wide variety on the market to fit your taste. Prints and designs are timeless because they instantly add a fun vibe while hiding any tracked in dirt or debris.

Use a Creative Handrail

A great way to make a statement with the staircase is to add a creative handrail. You can use a handrail made of a different material than you would think to use such as a rope handrail, or you can even bring in a hint of nature by building a handrail made from a branch. The possibilities are endless! Top off the look by adding a well-placed accessory at the bottom of the stairs such as a small table on the side or a woven basket to accent your look.

Illuminate the Pathway

Adding lighting to the stairway can be beneficial for safety reasons, but you can also use lighting to set a particular mood. This can be done by installing LED lights on the side of the steps. Lining the side of the staircase with LED lights will cast a futuristic glow that can also feel luxurious in dark settings.

Rainbow Staircase

Love color? Well, you can express your love of different hues right on your staircase. You can apply linoleum made up of different colors right on the riser so you can see each color from the bottom of the staircase and you can enjoy the look of each color as you go up or down the stairs.

What do you think your favorite staircase look is? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

Invasion of the Toys

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6353050_SAnyone who has ever stepped barefoot on a Lego can tell you that toys can be painful. Keeping toys organized and up off the floor is a daily battle between you, the kids, and the toys. Sometimes it seems like the toys are winning. If you feel like your house has been invaded by toys set on taking over, you are not alone.

Kids’ bedrooms, family rooms, living rooms, stairs and bathrooms all seem to be prime gathering places for toys and small toy parts.  Somehow if you have hardwood or tile floors, the toys seem to scoot across the floors to be found in the most unlikely places like behind the bookcase or wedge in the far corner underneath the sofa, far from the reach of little arms.

Corralling toys can protect feet and make it safe to walk around your house in socks or bare feet again.  Having strategic storage throughout the house is a good idea. Bins, bags and boxes are great for keeping toys off the floor.  Storage ottomans and benches can double as toy bins and still be nice enough for company.

Now the toys just need to find their way into the storage. It would be nice if they could magically put themselves away at the end of the day, but unfortunately this isn’t going to happen. Giving points for being tidy and picking up after themselves can be a good way to instill neatness and organization. There is also bribery if all else fails.

The Same Pattern Creates a Different Look

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Take a look at these two photos. On the surface the tiles couldn’t be more different, but if you look closer you will notice that both have the exact tile pattern. The feel of a floor has to do with the choice of tile as much as the tile’s design.

The tile floor on the left is a classic look for a modern bathroom. The light blues have enough variations to stay interesting while not enough to call attention to the floor itself. This is good background flooring.

On the other hand, the tile on the right is a critical part of the look and feel of the room. It’s a perfect fit for the space between that luscious wrought iron gate and the dramatic staircase and banister.

What mood does that tile evoke for you? It seems as though the room has moved here from another era, a world of beautiful clothes. It’s easy to see that this is not a contemporary space. That the photo was taken in Paris almost seems obvious due to the rich tones and inviting old-world design. That floor is all of that and more, and yet it is a design match for the ceramic bathroom flooring on the left.

Choosing the right flooring for the right style can be tricky, and both design and tile choices are part of the final appearance. If you want your home to feel like 1890’s Paris, how about taking a chance and reproducing this floor? You may not be able to find a gate like this one, but you could be one step closer to re-creating a turn-of-the-century Paris feel in your home.