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Behind the Scenes

Written by creatingyourspace on . Posted in About Us

Coming into our showroom, chances are one of our salespeople will immediately approach you and offer to help. We’re proud of our sales team, but when it comes to meeting customer needs, they are just the tip of the iceberg. We’re lucky enough to have excellent people behind the scenes who do everything you don’t see.

Flooring takes up quite a bit of space, but our warehouse and distribution people are ready to search out the flooring of your choice. Of course, our computer people make that process easier by managing our inventory and supply software which identifies your selection, rather like the way a GPS helps you find your way on the road.

Let’s move to our office staff. From our purchasing agents and accountants to our exceptional administrative staff, they keep our operation running and organized.

Transportation is critical to the success of our operation, and our products come to us by ship, train and truck. We work together with our suppliers to put together a distribution process and team that bring your flooring here with a minimum of resources and the best cost.

Beyond our own efforts, our suppliers work hard to provide a rich selection of products that combine trend-setting styles with classic characteristics that will last as long as your floor does. So when you walk into our showroom, take a minute to appreciate our entire team, not just the ones you happen to see.