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Engineered Wood: Beautiful and Workable

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If you haven’t looked at engineered wood for a while, you may be surprised at the variety of wood types and finishes. They are also just as lovely as solid wood floors once installed.

Depending upon your needs, engineered wood may be the best choice, or even the only choice. For homes with concrete subfloors, solid wood will warp and buckle. Engineered wood is designed to handle the temperature and humidity differences. It also works best for floors with radiant heat.

Wide plank floors, exotic woods and different textures and finishes are available in engineered as well as solid wood.

Installation is easier with an engineered floor – particularly important when renovating. Solid wood floors require sanding and staining in addition to installation which creates much more sawdust as well as a longer installation time.

Engineered wood floors are just as durable as solid wood with even less maintenance because they are pre-finished and sealed. However, they can be sanded down and re-stained and sealed when needed in the future. This can be done at least once and maybe more depending upon the flooring chosen.

If you’re considering changing to wood floors, take a look at what’s available in engineered wood. You may find just the right choice for your home.

Retro Rug Color Trends

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When speaking of the word “retro” in decors it is used to describe design styles of the 50’s, the 60’s, and the 70’s eras. This includes mid-century modern design, anything before that is considered vintage. The retro decorating style is usually considered as fun and lively. It utilizes bold colors with wild designs and lots of texture. There is nothing casual about the retro style of decorating. It is bold, loud, busy and of course, funky.

The retro floor décors available now do not dissapoint. When going for a retro rug, color is one of the main factors that need to be considered. Actually, avocado green is the most popular retro color. Mustard yellow and mixes of red, orange, kiwi, black and white are also favorite choices. Designs include shag rugs in solid bold color and other textured rugs in designs incorporating circles, squares, waves and big florals.

Oriental Weavers is one of the main manufacturers of retro style rugs we carry at Century Tile. Their Andy Warhol collection incorporates many of the style icon’s design and color choices used in his paintings and prints including red, avocado green, navy and mustard yellow in abstract geometric shapes.

Any of our retro rugs would look terrific on a black and white ceramic tile floor or wood plank floor in a dark finish. No matter which retro rug and floor combination you choose. Retro rugs make a statement – they reveal your bold personality in the most stylish way.