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Why Should I Use Tile?

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When looking for the perfect floors for your home, there are hundreds of options available. Carpet, hardwood, vinyl, rubber, and everything in between can all pose valuable reasons why they may be the right floor for you. So, why consider tile?


Tile is a very versatile flooring. It is easy to clean, extremely durable, luxurious and can come in many sizes and styles, each tailored to your own design style. Specifically, ceramic tile is extremely versatile. It is made from natural clays and water, and when heated in a kiln, this clay becomes exceptionally durable and hard. Each tile can come with unique textures and veining in them, which gives them character. After it has been baked, it is challenging for water to absorb through the surface, allowing many homeowners and businesses to use tile in bathrooms and kitchens.


Ceramic tile has been around for centuries; however, we have come a long way with the technology that goes into each tile. Many ceramic tiles are now made to have more traction for wet areas to prevent slipping. They are also created so they can handle more extreme temperatures like hot or cold without being prone to cracking – this can make some ceramic tiles excellent selections for even outside your home’s interior!

Added Benefits

Finding a beautiful floor is one thing; however, finding a stunning, durable, and low-maintenance floor can be tricky. Many tiles are scratch-proof and stain-proof as well. They are very adaptable to any design from Rustic to Modern, with nearly every color imaginable! They can be used in more casual or formal environments. In fact, this elegant flooring option is also extremely durable and can last for years to come without fading or traffic wear! Lastly, tile flooring is non-flammable and easy to keep away pollutants and allergens, making it truly one of the most versatile flooring options on the market today.

All in all, tile is a timeless flooring option that is growing in popularity! In fact, you can transform your home design with a very durable and beautiful floor like tile!

What do you think about tile? Is it right for your home? If you are still not sure, one of our expert sales associates at Century Tile would love to assist you. Please do not hesitate to call or visit us for more information.

Tile 101: Glass Tile

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Deciding to use tile only starts you on the process of choosing your home’s options. There are so many kinds of tile, and each has its special appeal and challenges. Let’s take a look at your choices, starting with glass tile.

Glass is a relatively new material for tile. It’s more common in contemporary homes, but people are starting to recognize its value in adding drama to traditional spaces also. It’s most often used as a kitchen backsplash or in a small bathroom. The vivid colors and personality of glass makes it just the right choice when you want a small space to stand out.

Glass rectangles and squares in smaller sizes lend themselves to a mosaic effect. The rich variety of colors and tones creates an opportunity to develop an art look to a wall or backsplash. Metallic tiles also work well with glass because they both have a glossy finish.

Glass is not as durable as other types of tile, which makes it unsuitable for floors. It will scratch and crack when abused. It also requires special installation techniques and materials. Make sure your installer has worked with glass and understands its unique requirements. And don’t try to install it yourself – it’s worth the cost of an experienced professional.

Recycled glass provides the same style impact while meeting green home goals. Altogether, you will be amazed at the variety and drama available with glass. Consider adding it to your home’s tile plans.

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