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Consider Environment in Your Outdoor Space

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Have you been considering updating or improving your outdoor areas? Many people are looking at environmental concerns along with functionality and design in their yards.

Using plants and trees that are native to the area helps to reduce problems of invasive species harming local wilderness ecologies. In water-limited regions xeriscaping – choosing plants that use less water – can make a real difference in the water cost of a landscape.

Another concern that is gathering attention involves the natural drainage patterns of a landscape. Using too much hardscape – patio and paths – can negatively affect the natural requirements of your outside areas. The solution may not be to limit your outdoor living space but to choose to include water-permeable elements.

This spa in Bali provides some ideas. The gravel naturally allows water to drain from the area into the soil while still providing a walkway with selected pavers or tiles. If you want a more straightforward patio, you could reverse this approach and have large squares of concrete, pavers or tile separated by narrow bands of gravel. This would be easier to walk on and for placing furniture while still providing a place for rainfall to drain.

Another option is taking a look at a wide variety of permeable surfaces currently available. In response to this concern, outdoor flooring experts have been creating options that resemble standard hardscape materials in appearance and function, but allow rainwater to drain through them.

When you’re ready to redo your outdoor living space, be sure to investigate these options to help the drainage patterns in your yard as well as your neighborhood’s environment.

Wet Pool & Dry Floors – Can You Have Both?

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Do you enjoy having a pool in your backyard but worry about all that water dripping on your nice floors? If you were able to include a bathroom with patio access, you can use that as an airlock – having everyone shower, dry and dress before heading into the rest of the house. However, if you don’t have that available, there are other choices.

Putting in an outdoor shower can give you many of the benefits of a pool bath. If you can design some privacy in, people can shower, dry and dress before going into the house. This is a perfect opportunity to install a solar hot water heater. It will provide plenty of heat on warm sunny days when the pool is in demand.

Another option is simple management. Have everyone towel down and stay outside long enough to dry off before coming into the house. If you make sure to have nice patio furniture and cold drinks and maybe even snacks outside, this will not be a burden on family and friends. On warm days, 15 minutes or so will probably be the most that’s needed.

One solution will address the worst of the problem but it’s more than a bit of work. If you place washable rugs or folded towels outside the patio entrance and inside the house for seven or eight feet you will capture most of the drips before they hit your floors. Of course this involves making sure towels and rugs stay dry enough to work and get laundered regularly.

The best way to look at this situation and find solutions is with the help of the whole family. It’s best to talk together to determine what will work best for all of you. After all, you want to make sure that your pool is a source of fun rather than contention.

Five Reasons to Choose Porcelain Tiles

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If you are looking to give your home a more luxurious look, you can go for porcelain tiles. The use of porcelain tiles is an emerging trend in interior design. Porcelain tiles are actually a type of ceramic tile. They are composed of clay, quartz and water. However, they are blazed at different temperatures and that is why porcelain tiles are denser than other ceramic tiles. There are many reasons to choose porcelain tile here are the top five.

1. Porcelain tiles are versatile.

Porcelain tiles come in many forms. They can be glazed, double-glazed or even unglazed. The glazed ones are harder than their unglazed counterparts. You can also get them in many colors and textures. Aside from using porcelain as flooring, it can also be used for wall tiles and countertops. It can also be made to look like slate, limestone, marble and even wood.

2. Porcelain tiles are durable.

Unlike ceramic tiles, they can both be used for the indoors and the outdoors. They do not burn. Even if you have a hot piece of charcoal from the grill fall onto your outdoor tile it will not cause damage. This also makes porcelain tiles suitable for kitchen countertops as it will not melt even if hot pans and skillets are placed over it.

3. Porcelain tiles are highly adaptable to changes in weather.

In colder areas where the climate can be freezing, porcelain tiles are chosen over ceramic tiles because it does not absorb as much water. It is also ideal for areas with hot temperatures because it will not fade in the heat of the sun and chipping will not occur.

4. Porcelain tiles are easy to clean.

Because of its low absorbency rate, these tiles are easy to clean. You can just sweep the floor to remove dirt or just wipe or clean it off with a damp cloth or mop and a household cleaner.

5. Porcelain tiles are practical to use.

You do not have to put up with replacing your floors from time to time. Because of its durability, it will take a long time before porcelain floors wear down. You also need to know that the color of porcelain runs down through the tile hence, its color will stay the same after high traffic use.