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Swedish Home Design

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What is Swedish decorating style?

Do you love white linen, pale color palettes, lightwoods and clean design? Do you know those attributes are the hallmark of Swedish design?

Swedish winters are very dark so this style has major appeal for its soft, light colors and wood tones, which serve to lighten interiors even on the darkest of days. Part of this design style also includes whitewashed and pickled floors.

Whitewashing is a technique that allows you to brighten your wood without hiding the grain pattern. Methods for staining woods white vary according to the type wood you’re planning to finish. Whitewashing is best suited for pine. Pickling is a technique best used on oak.

See how beautiful this bathroom looks with it’s claw tub and wide plank whitewashed floors.

Please note that to achieve the best results, the whitewash should be applied to the unfinished wood floors, especially soft wood like pine. After you are done painting a protective finish should be applied. This will go a long way to keeping your floors looking good for years to come.

The finishing piece to Swedish design is the use of sparkle or fun accessories to finish up a room. Look how this gorgeous blue Egyptian glass chandelier pops in a stairwell. Added sparkle in mirrors and touches of gilt give this style a hint of glamour as well.


Light Room Sets Tone for Spring

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Spring green – that inviting yellow green of new leaves – brings this room into the feel of that season.

The design starts with the inviting whitewashed wood floor. Unlike the traditional dark tones, this floor creates a sense of light and space that is perfect for a room that speaks of spring.

The light green area rug provides one of the few touches of color in the room. Its texture echoes the grain in the flooring, creating personality and texture to compensate for a minimum of color. The only other permanent color featured in the room is the green of the houseplant on the side table. The natural-toned pot also connects with the soft straw tone of the small coffee table in front of the loveseat.

The rest of the furniture is white, with a touch of neutral silver in the lamp’s base. Even the walls and window coverings are white. Those window coverings keep the room light without a glare – very important when working on a computer.

A small room like this shines with the minimal use of color and an almost reckless addition of light. It has a warm and welcoming feeling, creating just the right environment for working with its sense of spring’s new beginnings – no matter the season outside.