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The Intimacy of Deep Colors

Written by creatingyourspace on . Posted in Design and Decorating

Many people are hesitant to paint a room in dark colors, especially smaller rooms. But that choice can work in the right circumstances, creating intimacy in a space.

This room works well for a number of reasons. At first glance it seems that the whole room is dark, but there are bright elements. The ceiling is white, while dark wood beams link it to the table and wood floors. The window frames are also white, but the brown roman shades connect them with the rest of the space. The dark bronze chandelier is lit by its electric globes, and in every case the contrast between dark and light supports the room’s intimate impression.

Another important element is the furniture choice. The only furniture in the room is the table and seating. By choosing benches instead of chairs, the lines of the side seating flow along the table’s line with minimal breaks. This creates a strong set of verticals: the table, benches and the rich dark wood floor all echo the same lines. This helps keep the room connected and strengthens it from a design standpoint.

Imagine a congenial gathering of friends and family, joined together over a good meal, lingering at the table long after dessert, comfortable in the dark and intimate quarters provided by this well-designed room.