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Area Rugs, The Forgotten Accessory

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When it comes to area rugs, they can often be overlooked as an accessory for your home. Do you have a room that feels incomplete, lacks warms and that inviting feeling? When you think about area rugs, don’t think floor covering (unless that’s your specific purpose!) think accessory….as in jewelry. When you think about how an area rug can finish off a room much the same way the right necklace can finish an outfit – then you’ll begin to see the value of what area rugs can do.

Area rugs are like magic carpets. They can transport and transform, “move” rooms (and their mood) from ordinary to extraordinary, change a room’s personality and character. They can do this through their color, shape, texture and size.

Area rugs are incredible design tools. They can define a space, act as a finishing touch, establish a color scheme, underlie a key piece of furniture, soften a hard surface, welcome guests to your home.

Area rugs improve your life. They can warm bare feet on cold surfaces, prevent wear in heavy traffic areas, protect children/elderly against injury from falls and absorb sound to reduce noise. Area rugs can also cover flaws in flooring and hide not so perfect carpeting. (Voila! Problem solved.)

Area rugs are the masters of change. They’re the only floor covering you can pick up and move, easily replace – change with the changing seasons. Tired of the way a room looks? Try changing your area rug before changing other things like wall colors. You’ll be amazed at what the change can do.

Area rugs cover the cost spectrum. They can be inexpensive and machine made (cotton and synthetic) to very expensive, handmade ancient weaves.

Think an area rug might be the perfect solution for your room? Century Tile has a great selection! 

The Patina of Wood

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18497512If you love wood, take a look at the variety of wood surfaces in this room. Even though this scene is a restoration of a log cabin, it provides some valuable insight into the variety of types and finishes of wood, plus it’s a fun room to admire.  Yes, you could even partially emulate it in your own home.

To start, check out the walls. As a log cabin, these are actual logs hand-scraped to smooth the inside surfaces with some sort of mortar to fill in the gaps. If you like this look, check out the rich variety of hand-scraped flooring now available. It provides this warm, handcrafted look.

The floor in this room has been scrubbed and scrubbed to the point that there is no longer any gloss left. In spite of this, the flooring still has personality thanks to the rich character of the planks that comprise it. This floor is in good shape, so it could probably be brought back to a rich appearance. However, that would not be characteristic of the era it represents.

The table absolutely glows with a rich patina earned over time. This simple sturdy table probably served as counter space for cooking and the dinner table for meals. It also handled homework and possibly some home schooling and a place to cut out fabric for most or all of the family’s clothes.

This is the original open-concept home, when the total living space consisted of one room with many uses. Wood, as the most common material available, is the primary decorating element. As you admire today’s wood floors and furniture, it’s important to remember where and when the style really started here in the United States.

Thinking Condo?

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Different home choices work well at various times in your life. For a number of empty nesters, now may be the time to transition from the large family home in the suburbs to a comfortable urban condo. Great views, low maintenance and easy walking access to amenities make this decision a popular one.

If you’re ready for this type of lifestyle change, we’ve got a few factors for you to think about as you select your flooring.

The good news is that your flooring dollar will go a lot further because you have less square footage to cover. This can give you the chance to take a look at a higher price point than you’ve been able to consider before. Take the time to check out some of our wood floors, tile or our luxurious carpeting. Chances are your budget will stretch further than you expect.

Think about transitions when choosing your flooring. In a smaller space, combining too many flooring styles can chop up a space and make it feel tight. If you locate the necessary floor breaks at doorways that already have a transition feel, your rooms will feel more spacious.

If your condo has an open floor plan, you may have to adjust to the lack of separation between functional areas. For example, most condos combine the living and dining areas into one space. To help identify each area without putting up vertical breaks that can limit the view for the eye, consider using rugs. An area rug surrounding the living room’s seating area provides a natural break.

Finally, think about your future decorating plans when you select your flooring. Your new lifestyle may include a desire to update your furniture and accessories. If so, your flooring should focus on your long-term plans as well as your current decorating scheme. Select flooring choices that can meet both goals.

This can be an exciting move and an exciting new life. We’re happy to make sure your flooring selections can measure up to your dreams for the future.

The Intimacy of Deep Colors

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Many people are hesitant to paint a room in dark colors, especially smaller rooms. But that choice can work in the right circumstances, creating intimacy in a space.

This room works well for a number of reasons. At first glance it seems that the whole room is dark, but there are bright elements. The ceiling is white, while dark wood beams link it to the table and wood floors. The window frames are also white, but the brown roman shades connect them with the rest of the space. The dark bronze chandelier is lit by its electric globes, and in every case the contrast between dark and light supports the room’s intimate impression.

Another important element is the furniture choice. The only furniture in the room is the table and seating. By choosing benches instead of chairs, the lines of the side seating flow along the table’s line with minimal breaks. This creates a strong set of verticals: the table, benches and the rich dark wood floor all echo the same lines. This helps keep the room connected and strengthens it from a design standpoint.

Imagine a congenial gathering of friends and family, joined together over a good meal, lingering at the table long after dessert, comfortable in the dark and intimate quarters provided by this well-designed room.