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Pick Rug for Comfort

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Do your children love to spend time on the family-room floor, whether watching TV, playing games or just talking together? Are you a floor-sitter yourself? If so, it may be time to look at flooring for comfort as much as style.

Choosing an area rug with comfort in mind may seem unusual, but it can make a real difference for you and your family. A family room is really all about having everyone enjoy the space, and with a few simple decisions you can add to everyone’s pleasure.

To start, shop the rug’s pad. Look for one that is suitable to the flooring you have in your family room. Every type of flooring does better with a rug pad designed for it. Select the best quality pad you can afford; a comfortable rug starts with the pad.

Next, feel as well as look at any rugs you are considering. You may even want to bring a child along to stretch out on possible rug choices and give you a thumb up or down. Other issues such as allergies to wool may affect your choice of materials. A rug such as the one shown is very cozy thanks to the long thick yarn. However, even low-nap rugs can be comfortable if they are well constructed.

Once you’ve found the perfect rug, shop for a few large floor pillows to add even more comfort. Then stretch out on the floor with your family and enjoy yourself.

Carpet Fiber Overview

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Mainstream fiber choices haven’t changed much over the past twenty years! Wool still reigns at the top of the list, since for the last thousand years or so, it has thrived as a successful (though perhaps a bit more expensive) carpet fiber. The latest generations of nylon and polyester are solid choices as well. In upcoming entries, each of the fibers will be highlighted in it’s own post.

Wool, with it’s distinctive beauty, charm, and gracious wear characteristics, is still king o’ the hill for the “I Want!” lists. While nylon “uglies out” as it ages, wool looks good year after year. In fact, with basic maintenance, wool carpets perform superbly for 20 years or more. Wool may occasionally wear out – literally, yet still look great. We’ve seen beautiful 30-year-old wool carpets – with only one or two threadbare spots where there was high traffic.

Nylon has been a wonderful second choice for 50 years. Today’s nylon carpets are attractive, stain resistant, and high-performing at a great value. With standard maintenance, and installed over a quality pad, nylon carpet will perform well for 10 – 20 years.

Polyester, once known for poor performance, has made a significant comeback and now accounts for up to one-fourth of residential carpet sales. Its draw is price. Insure performance by asking for yarn with multiple plies and multiple twists.